‚ÄčFishermen's Net - Gray

Hi Everyone,
    We have some news to tell you about. Pam and I have decided to put the Fishermen's Net up for sale. This was not an easy thing to decide. We have been going back and forth on the idea for some time now. It is important for us to find the right person or people, this business is our baby. We need to find someone who will grow and succeed at what we started, (maybe even do a better job). We are willing to work with and train the new owners if they desire.
    It is important to us that you all know what we are planning for the future. You have made this such a wonderful business. YOU are what we will miss the most, and what made this decision so difficult for both of us. It just didn't feel right having you hear about it from someone else, and we wanted to make sure you all had the correct information.
And who knows, maybe one of you would love to do what we do, and want to buy the business.
We know a lot of you will wonder why? There are a few reasons that tipped the scale to this decision, these few are at the top:
     Pam would like to retire, stop working so hard and spend time with her grandchildren- before they are all grown up.
     Stephanie would like to start a family, and if lucky enough would like to devote the majority of her free time to them, plus this will give her time to expand her other business Sorting Treasures.
    We have been established here in Gray for a good long time. (since 2006!). Our business is profitable & growing. With the Narrow Gauge Railroad arriving just down the street, it will only grow more. These things make it feel like now is the right time to sell. This is bitter sweet for both of us. We are excited about the changes that may be on the horizon for us. But we love being here with all of you, this is a great community and we are proud to be a part of it. We are also proud of what we have done here, it's a good business.

*If you are interested in buying the Fishermen's Net-

Please contact us (207)657-3474 ask for Pam or Stephanie

or send an email.

See you soon,
Steph and Pam

Fishermen's Net - Gray is FOR SALE


please contact us (207)657-3474

and we can set up a time to sit down and chat