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Fresh Seafood

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Current Prices:

1.0 - 1.24lb (chics)  $6.50/lb  

1.25 - 1.49lb (quarters) $8.99/lb 

1.50 - 1.82lb (halves) $9.99/lb

Jumbos - 2+ lbs $12.99/lb

Softshell Special:

Chics:      5 for $35.00

Quarters: 5 for $53.00

Halves:    5 for $66.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Fisherman's Net offers fresh seafood to create delicious meals for any appetite. From our farm-raised salmon, to live Maine lobsters, New England classic clams and oysters, we have it all. We bring the ocean to your table. We are also able to provide you with a selection of wine and beer to accent your dish.

Under New Ownership!!

​Staying Open for the Winter

Maine, Live and Fresh

Available to take home live or have us cook them for you free of charge! Call ahead and let us know what you would like...

​​​Fisherman's Net​


We are able to ship just about anything...Give us a call to get pricing and availability!!

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Give the gift of greatness! Available in any denomination.

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